Yamitsu wide mouth skimmer

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Skimmer Mouth Width: 305mm x 135mm Flexi Hose Connection: 25/32/38mm

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The Yamistsu wide-mouth skimmer is a cost-effective way to keep your pond looking clean and fresh. This wide-mouth skimmer was designed to be implemented into your garden pool during construction, giving it a discreet appearance! The benefit of a built skimmer is that it does not distract the eye from the pond, as it is less visible than a floating skimmer. While installing this wide-mouth skimmer, it will require a connection to a suitable external pump, and we recommend the water is returned via a filter system to improve efficiency.

A skimmer is vital to keeping any pond well-maintained; however, it is often neglected when people install their garden pond. A wide-mouth skimmer is a cost-effective way to ensure your pond’s water quality does not fault, meaning you can enjoy your pond rather than spend countless hours maintaining your pond. Skimmers will remove all the debris that floats on your pond’s surface and collect it into a basket, making it much simpler to clean.