JKI 4″ in wall skimmer with overflow. Construction block.

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This in-wall, construction block Skimmer with overflow, is designed to be installed during your pond construction and is the same size as a construction block; this offers a permanent solution and provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to your pond. This Skimmer with an overflow has a removable lid to make removing debris easier and reduce the need for pond maintenance. Our 4″ Skimmer can be manufactured for any size pipework making installation quick and easy.

This Skimmer is powerful in removing debris, leaves and pollen and efficiently cleans your pond’s surface, preventing is being turned into sludge. The main benefit of having a skimmer for your pond is it reduces the time spent cleaning and maintaining your pond, it is often overlooked, but this Skimmer will vastly improve the quality of the water in your pond. You will be able to enjoy the pond and admire it rather than spend time maintaining and cleaning your pond.

Spec —
4″ (pressure) outflow.
1″ (pressure) overflow.
51cm wide, 39cm deep front to back, body 21cm front, 31cm back.

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