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Koi available for delivery or collection.

Quarantine procedure.

All imports from Japan are quarantined for a minimum period of 8 weeks and double heat-ramped to ensure all fish are parasite free and ready for sale.

All fish are bought from a small selection of trusted Japanese breeders, who can be seen in the Breeders section.

All new fish are placed into our five separate quarantine facilities, within which the fish are then separated by the breeder (we never mix different breeders fish in the same tank, as per CEFAS protocol). The temperature is then ramped from 14 to 26 degrees, twice. At the same time, the water quality and fish health are monitored daily.

CEFAS authorisation: EW083-B-253A

  • BENI KIKOKURYU. 59cm. Koda. (BK59KY)

  • Chogorou Nisai Female Platina 35-40cm. (CHO201). Collection only

  • Chogorou Nisai Male Platina 35-40cm. (CHO202). Collection only

  • Chogorou Tosai Platina 15-18cm. (CHO002). Collection only

  • DOITSU GIN KUBOTA. 43cm. Maruhiro. (DK43MN)

  • DOITSU KUBOTA. 55 cm. Maruhiro. (DK55MS)


  • GIN RIN KOHAKU. 41cm. Yagengi. (GRK41Y)

  • GIN RIN KOHAKU. 42cm. Yagengi. (GRK42Y)

  • Gin Rin Mukashi Ogon. 56cm. Maruhiro. (GRMO56MS)

  • GIN RIN SHIRO UTSURI. 55cm. Maruhiro. (GRSU55MS)

  • GINRIN OCHIBA. 51cm. Koda. (GO51KS)

  • HANNA SHUSUI. 44cm. Koda. (HS44KN)

  • HI UTSURI. 56cm. Shinoda. (HU56SS)

  • KIKOKURYU. 38cm. Maruhiro. (K38MN)

  • KIN KIKOKURYU. 46cm. Koda. (KK46KS)

  • Kobayashi Tosai Shiro Utsuri 14-17 cm. (KOB001). Collection only

  • KOHAKU. 46cm. Hosakin. (K46HN)

  • Marusei Nisai Hi Utsuri 25-30 cm. (MAR205). Collection only

  • Marusei Nisai Ki Matsuba ogon 35-40 cm. (MAR209). Collection only

  • Marusei Nisai Mix 35-40 cm. (MAR200). Collection only

  • Miyaishi Tosai Mix 6-9cm. (MII001). Collection only

  • OCHIBA SHIGURE. 50cm. Koda. (OS50KS)

  • Sakazume Tosai Gin Matsuba 13-15cm . (SAE016). Collection only

  • Sakazume Tosai Hikari Mix 14-16cm. (SAE009). Collection only

  • Sakazume Tosai HQ Goromo 15-18cm. (SAE005). Collection only

  • Sakazume Tosai Mix 14-16cm . (SAE002). Collection only

  • Sakazume Tosai Yamabuki 12-20 cm. (SAE011). Collection only

  • Shinoda Tosai GR Showa GR Kohaku 15-18 cm. (SHA007). Collection only

  • Shinoda Tosai Hi Utsuri 12-15 cm 15-18 cm. (SHA004). Collection only.

  • Shinoda Tosai Mix 9-12cm. (SHA006). Collection only

  • SHIRO UTSURI. 48cm. Kaneko. (SU48KN)

  • SHUSUI. 54cm. Koda. (S54KS)

  • SORAGOI. 54cm. Koda. (S54KSb)

  • Takatatsu Tosai GR Ochiba 13-16 cm. (TAT003). Collection only

  • TANCHO KOHAKU. 44CM. Maruhiro . (TK44MS)

  • TANCHO KOHAKU. 46CM. Maruhiro. (TK46MS)

  • TANCHO KOHAKU. 47CM. Maruhiro. (TK47MS)

    £575.00 inc. VAT
  • WADA ASAGI. 50cm. Wada. (WA50W)

  • Yamaju Tosai GR Yuki Asagi GR Asagi 10-15cm. (YAU006). Collection only

  • Yamaju Tosai HQ Doitsu Ochiba 10-15cm. (YAU004). Collection only

  • Yamasan Tosai ALL Mix 12-15cm. (YAN011). Collection only


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