At Japan Koi Import, we only supply Japanese koi. We provide as wide a selection of variety and price as possible whilst maintaining the optimum quality. Our Japanese Koi start from only £15 and go up to £8,000, to accommodate everyones budget.

Our facility is completely undercover, with five quarantine buildings, housing fourteen tanks, totalling 25,000 litres of water. Our 4,700ft2 holding facility with thirteen large tanks contains 112,000 litres and our retail facility of twenty-one tanks totals 40,000 litres. Our shop carries everything from pond liner, to airline and food to filters along with everything in between. We have set up this online shop for those of you who cannot visit in person or just wish to order online.

Our website is evolving on a continual basis as we add in particular to our online shop. We keep our followers as up to date as possible and run regular competitions via Facebook for pump, uv’s, filters and similar. Visit our Facebook page here for more information.

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