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Green pond water is usually caused by the overgrowth of algae in pond water. Pond water turns brown when leaves and other plant materials, as well as fish waste, are left in the pond too long and start to decompose.

It’s normal for pond water to have a green or brown tint to it. However, it’s not healthy when the water becomes thick and mucky or starts to smell bad. So it’s very important to control algae growth and keep plant materials from breaking down in the water.

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As plant debris dies off and the leaves fall, you should cut, collect and remove this debris before it falls into your pond. A pond net could be added to catch the falling leaves. To prevent your pond icing over you can add a cheap De-icer to allow continuing aeration of your pond.


We pump a quantity of the pond water into the large bowls we bring to site, net the fish and place them in the bowls whilst we clean the pond. If it is hot or the Koi are to be in the bowls for a prolonged period, we will add an air supply to continue aerating the water in the bowls.

Plants are then removed and kept to place back into the pond after it has been cleaned.

The sludge from the bottom of the pond is removed and can be placed on the garden, as it is an excellent fertiliser.

The pond is then refilled using the stored pond water and dechlorinated tap water.

The plants and fish are then returned to the pond.


t is not unusual for a pond to evaporate water during the day by as much as ½”. But if the level drops very quickly, it is possible you may have a leak.

If a rubber liner is repairable, we will patch the tear/split on-site.

Should your liner need replacing, we will quote to remove your old liner and replace it with a Gordon Low Firestone pond guard EPDM 1.02mm rubber liner. There are thinner and cheaper liners available, but we only use the best quality available.


We leave pond construction to the experts and use two companies who have been constructing ponds for many years. Please call for more details.


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