Yamitsu 25w Special MEGA UV

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Suitable for ponds upto 16625 litres (3250gals) Supplied with high quality Philips UV lamp Connects to 43mm(1.5″) solvent weld pipe 1 Year warranty 10 metre electric cable

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KOI Description
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The Algae Master UV clarifiers are high quality units that have been produced in Great Britain since 1990. Each UVC is produced from a UV stabilised material to ensure a long life. All models of the Kockney Koi Yamitsu Algae Master UVs feature large 43mm(1.5″) solvent weld inlet/outlets and built in turbulators to turn the water around the uv lamp to increase performance.

This ‘Special’ UV has been designed specially to fit onto the Mega Filter Box.

Kockney Koi Algae Master 25w UV Filter
Suitable for pond upto 16625 litres(3250gals)
High quality Philips UV lamp included
10 metre electric cable
1 Year warranty