30-55w quartz sleeve. 872mm. Evolution Aqua

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KOI Description
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This quartz glass sleeve is a genuine direct replacement for the original part from Evolution Aqua. This glass sleeve is designed to protect the UV lamp and the electrical parts from the fish pond water, whilst allowing the UV light to penetrate into he water effectively. A clean UV quartz helps to keep you UV working to it best and to maintain the crystal clear water that you as a koi fish pond keeper will be aiming for.

Glass Sleeve Specifications

Length 872mm
Outer Diameter 30mm
Inside Diameter 26mm
Material – Quartz Glass
For best results we recommend that you periodically check your quartz glass sleeve for built up of limescale and dirt as this will lower eh overall effectiveness of your UV Clarifier

Genuine Evolution Aqua quartz glass sleeve for Evo 30, Evo 55 & Evo 110
Allows maximum UV penetration into the water
The Evo 110 UV requires 2 glass sleeves