Superfish 150w pond heater

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This Superfish 150w Pond Heater will warm the water around the unit just enough to keep an area of clear water whilst the rest of your pond is frozen over.

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Superfish Pond Heater 150W

Pond heater and ice guard. Energy efficient only 150 watts. When the pond freezes over with ice the pond heater guarantees to keep a hole in the ice, this is necessary for the exchange of oxygen and gasses. The heater will help to keep the pond water marginally warmer. Includes Styrofoam and 5m cable. Stainless steel heater 150 watts. Tested at -20 C Please note: pond heaters are not designed to raise the temperature of your whole pond like an aquarium heater. It will keep an area around the heater free of ice, and provide a small area of warm water immediately surrounding it.
150 watts stainless steel
Floats on the pond surface
5 metres of outdoor cable (no fitted plug because of building regulations)
Tested at minus 20 degrees Celsius
Stainless steel casing
Ice Free area enabling birds and other wildlife a source of water

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