Oase Pondo Vac 5 vacuum cleaner

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The new OASE PondoVac 5 feature high suction power of up to 8000 Litres per Hour and the supplied lances enable suction of pond debris and general detritus as deep a 2.5 metres.

Improved ground clearance and rubberised wheels for mobility on uneven ground.
Discharge hose features a C-coupling for quick connection and removal.
Non-stop vacuuming due to integrated waste discharge pump.
Can be used to discharge dirty water to an elevated point of drainage (Max 2m Lift).
Supplied with a variety of tools and accessories for various pond cleaning tasks.
Ideal for pond cleaning and emptying, swimming ponds and swimming pool cleaning.
Max. suction of 8000 Litres/Hour (1780 Gallons/Hour). Maximum suction depth of 2.5 metres (8ft).

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