CROSSED 4 way junction. 1.5″ (40mm)

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1.5″ (40mm) Soil Pipe Double Branch. Solvent weld waste pipe 4 way.

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1.5″ Soil Pipe 4 way branch.
Solvent weld waste pipe 4 way junction.
This tee piece has three female socket outlets and one male. These are sealed with solvent weld glue.

Solvent PVC pipework (black waste) is similar to the downpipes from the guttering outside your home and is usually a cheaper alternative to the more heavy duty pressure pipe.

Apply solvent cement to both surfaces to be joined. Insert the pipe into the fitting to its full depth. Allow a few minutes for the cement to set before handling/ moving. Solvent weld pipe and fittings are strong and durable and provide a permanent fitting when secured with Solvent Cement.

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