Colombo Algadrex 1Ltr

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Clears turbid and murky ponds Fast acting – Works within 1 hour Safe for fish and plants Available in 2 sizes; 1Ltr & 2.5Ltr

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Colombo Algadrex works rapidly to clear turbid and murky ponds within one hour.

Suspended algae and other debris in ponds can often cause clarity issues and problems with green water. Algadrex works fast to resolve murky water by flocculating the small suspended particles, causing them to clump together into larger particles which will float to the surface, sink to the pond floor or be removed easily by the filter. Algadrex is safe for use with fish and plants.

Colombo Algadrex is available in the following sizes:
– Colombo Algadrex 500ml – Treats 5,000 Litres
– Colombo Algadrex 1Ltr – Treats 10,000 Litres
– Colombo Algadrex 2.5Ltr – Treats 25,000 Litres

100ml per 1,000 litres of water. Prior to treatment ensure a a minimum KH level of 6°DH.

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