Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay 2.5Ltr

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Creates optimal water conditions for keeping Koi Closely replicates water conditions from Niigata, Japan Adds valuable minerals Absorbs impurities Special added Bactoplus bacteria improves filter performance Aids in sludge and organic waste removal Results in crystal clear, healthy water, rich in minerals

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Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay creates ideal pond water conditions for successfully keeping of Koi. Breeding of Koi started over a century ago in the Japanese province Niigata. To this day the Niigata region still produces the largest quantity of high quality Koi in Japan. One of the secrets for this is the amazing water quality. It’s no coincidence that Niigata also produces the best rice in Japan. The water used for growing rice and Koi is purified by nature and contains many valuable minerals.

Bactoplus analysed water from Niigata and developed Ohmizu Clay. Bactoplus Ohmizu Clay adds valuable minerals to the water, absorbs impurities and the special Bactoplus bacteria added to the Clay improves filter performance and helps remove sludge and organic waste. The result is crystal clear, healthy water, rich in minerals that are essential for the correct development of your Koi.

First use / Solve water quality problems: Add 25ml per 1,000 litres of water, if needed repeat after two days.

Maintenance: Add 25ml per 1,000 litres of water every fortnight.

Dissolve the product in pond water and distribute evenly over the pond surface, the water will become cloudy and turn clear within 48 hours. When stored dry Ohmizu Clay has an unlimited shelf life.

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