BactoPlus Filter Start Gel 250ml

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Pond filter starter gel Use at pond start-up, after maintenance and in case of water quality problems High concentration of living nitrifying bacteria Every 1ml contains over 800 million bacteria Creates conditions for optimum pond filter performance Bactoplus products only use beneficial bacteria through DNA selection technology Creates conditions for a healthy pond environment for fish and plants

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BactoPlus Filter Start Gel has the exact same properties as BactoPlus Filter Start but in Gel form. The advantage of Filter Start Gel is that you can smear the beneficial bacteria directly onto filter media for improved effectiveness. This way, you get the bacteria where they are needed.

Use BactoPlus Filter Start Gel at pond start-up, after maintenance and in case of water quality problems.

BactoPlus Filter Start Gel contains a very high concentration of living nitrifying bacteria, with over 800 million bacteria per millilitre of product. The bacteria in BactoPlus products have been specially selected using innovative DNA technology for their beneficial function within a pond. Nitrifying bacteria are responsible for optimum filter performance in a ponds biological filtration, their activity creates a healthy environment for both fish and plants. The use of BactoPlus Filter Start Gel allows you to quickly establish a colony of bacteria in new pond filters or maintain a colony in existing filtration.

Best results are achieved when combining BactoPlus Filter Start Gel and BactoPlus Activator Gel. This product activates bacteria in the pond environment and will help to create a healthy pond without unwanted algae. For filter maintenance and removal of sludge and residue you can use BactoPlus BSO Sludge Buster.

In case of filter start-up or raised ammonia and/or nitrite values: Add 50ml per 1,000 litre of water.

After cleaning the filter or after water changes: Add 25ml per 1,000 litres of water.

Maintenance: Add 25ml per 1,000 litres of water each month.

Temperature of the water should be at least 10°C, if temperature is below 10°C dosage should be doubled. The cap contains 15 ml. Apply the GeL to the filter material, the water circulation should be stopped while the filter is properly aerated for 12 hours. After 12 hours re-start water circulation but keep UV and ozone equipment switched off for at least 24 hours. Store frost free and out of reach of children.

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