4″ Flanged Pressure tank / liner connnector.

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4″ flanged tank / liner connector for pressure pipe.

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4″ flanged tank / liner connector for pressure pipe.

Tank or Liner Connectors are used to connect through the wall of a Garden Pond. All Tank Connectors are supplied with self tapping stainless steel screws and are therefore ideally suited for total immersion under water.

These grey pressure pipe flanged tank connectors are quick and easy to use, making them perfect for any job and great for inlet/outlet ports between chambers and can be totally submersed.

Pressure pipe can be solvent welded on either side of the connector. Always use a non-toxic sealant.

For concrete and fibre-glass Koi ponds the top flange is discarded and just the body of the tank connector used, the fiberglass being run over the lip and into the mouth of the connector when the pond is glassed.

1.5″ connector accepts a 48.3mm o/d pipe.

2″ connector accepts a 60.3mm o/d pipe.
3″ connector accepts a 88.9mm o/d pipe.
4″ connector accepts a 114.3mm o/d pipe.

This item comes supplied with the flanged tank connector body, sealing ring and stainless steel screws (quantity will very depending on the size of the flanged tank connector).