Mark Anderson

Japan Koi Import opened its doors for business in 2016. Mark Anderson the owner of JKI has had experience of running a successful business, and as a farmer by trade, has been a world class award winning Alpaca breeder. Following the success of his former business he decided to embark on a new business and branch out into importing and selling high quality koi.

His dream and passion is to create a new revolutionary quarantine and holding facility at his premises in Needingworth, St Ives, Cambridgeshire that will benefit wholesalers, dealers and hobbyists throughout the UK.

Simon Grundy

After completing his degree in Zoology at Leeds University, Simon spent six months working in Fiji helping to set up the countries first Mashe National Park around the island of Yandua. During the six months Simon identified and catalogued the fish and coral species in the area.

Simon returned to the UK for a short time before venturing off to Africa to work on several projects. His first project was working on a baseline survey of Kafue National Park since 1971. This led to Simons’ part in the primate rehabilitation and release project from Munda Wanga zoo in Lusaka, Zambia. Simon was one of two field researchers who were radio tracking the released animals and monitoring their behaviour.

Having had such an amazing experience Simon returned to the UK to start a family.

Simon’sĀ interest in koi began 12 years ago when he started working with them, having kept them himself for nearly 30 years.


Our facility is state-of-the-art quarantine and holding unit. Our huge facility contains two 18,000 litre ponds; two 10,000 litre ponds and eight 6,000 litre ponds. All these are individually filtered and housed in a 1,500 square metre building. The whole building is heated, allowing the heat ramping process to take place on all new arrivals.

Below shows a short video of our facility


Once the shipments arrive in the UK they are then fully quarantined for a six week period (includes heat ramping). After quarantine the koi are available for sale via our distribution centre.

The sheer numbers of koi that are supplied by the breeders and shipped to the facility allow the koi to be sold at conceal prices to customers, even after the quarantine period. This unique arrangement benefits all our customers in the UK.

If you have purchased a koi through us then once the quarantine period is over koi are available for collection, or they can be delivered throughout the UK via overnight delivery.