Welcome to Japan Koi Import

Japan Koi Import (JKI), owned by Mark Anderson, is a brand new koi quarantine and holding facility built in the UK. Opened in 2016, this revolutionary new state-of-the-art facility can hold over 4,000 Nisai and 8,000 Tosai along with lots of larger and special koi within our collection.

Japan Koi Import is located in Needingworth, Cambridgeshire which is perfectly accessible from the A14.

We at Japan Koi Import work closely with are contacts, based in Ojiya, providing us this unique opportunity to visit all the leading breeders in the Niigata area and with our unique buying power are able to buy complete ponds full of koi. Working this way allows us to get the koi for the lowest prices which in turn allows us to offer our customers the koi at low prices.

Trips to Japan

In the spring and autumn we will be arranging buying trips to any interested parties wanting to join us. Due to our buying power with the breeders we are able to offer great prices on koi while in Japan.

Show koi

Over the last year we have been selecting show and high quality koi. We call this ‘JKI Portfolio of Koi in Japan’. These koi remain in Japan, growing on with the breeders.

Special Offer

For a full comprehensive price list to dealers and wholesalers, plus details or our next consol shipment, then please contact us at info@japankoiimports.com


We have seen great success in Japan, winning 3 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronze in the 5th International Junior Koi Show in Niigata, Japan 2017.

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