TESTING Tancho Sanke A676 40cm. (6533)

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Japan Koi Import offer only Japanese bred koi from the Nigatta region of Japan, the hot spot for the finest quality Japanese koi. We go on buying trips once or twice a year to buy from our selected breeders with whom we have built an excellent relationship over the years.

All new fish are placed into our five separate quarantine facilities. The fish are then separated by the breeder (we never mix different breeders fish in the same tank, as per CEFAS protocol). The temperature is then ramped from 14 to 26 degrees, twice. At the same time, the water quality and fish health are monitored daily. All imports from Japan are quarantined for a minimum period of 8 weeks and double heat-ramped to ensure all fish are parasite free and ready for sale.

We provide as wide a selection of variety and price as possible whilst maintaining the optimum quality. Our Japanese Koi start from only £15 and go up to £8,000, to accommodate everyones budget.

Our facility is completely undercover, with five quarantine buildings, housing fourteen tanks, totalling 25,000 litres of water. Our 4,700ft2 holding facility with thirteen large tanks contains 112,000 litres and our retail facility of twenty-one tanks totals 40,000 litres. Our shop carries everything from pond liner, to airline and food to filters along with everything in between. We also have our on-line shop: www.japankoiimports.com

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