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Yamitsu Pond Fish Food is manufactured and packed in the UK and is especially blended for the English climate and dietary requirements.


A complete food with added Spirulina and Vitamin C
Food contains: Soya, wheat, rice, poultry meat meal, maize, wheatgerm & bran, vitamins & minerals, poultry fat, spirulina.
Contains EEC permitted colourants and antioxidants.

Feeding Guide:

On a hot summer day your fish may feed continuously, but only feed them as much as they will consume in 3-5 minutes.
The amount they eat will vary with the water temperature and season.
Little and often is best.
Un eaten food should be removed as soon as possible.
If the temperature falls below 13 Degrees Celcious, you should change to a food with a high wheatgerm content.

Yamitsu Superior Mix Ingredients Analysis
Protein Oil Fiber Ash
31% 6% 3% 9%


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