Superfish Pond Eco Plus RC pump. 20000

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Remote control to set the water flow to the desired level and save energy 2-year on-site Pick-up & Replace warranty within 48 hours High water flow output with extremely low energy consumption Suitable for both submerged and dry mounted use 10-metre cable Run Dry Protection – when the pump runs dry it will stop automatically Multi-step hose connection 25/32/40mm DCS ceramic drive and gear wheels for minimal wear Vortex blades transport coarse dirt particles up to 6mm Robust filter housing minimises the risk of blockage 2-year warranty and TUV approval

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The Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC pump is highly efficient and is suppliedcomes with a remote variable control enabling adustment of the pumps flow as well as turn the pump on and off.

The SuperFish Pond ECO Plus RC Pumps are designed for both submerged and dry mounted installation and are one of the most economical electronic filter pumps available. Perfect for water movement and filtration with a low power consumption, the new pump motor offers superb performance with a good head height.

Run dry and overload protection.

The pump is equipped with Run Dry Protection. Ten seconds after being taken away from water, the pump will stop to protect it from running dry, it will try to re start after 10 seconds bit if still without water it will stop again. This cycle will repeat five times and then the pump will stop. To re-start the pump, remove the plug from the mains, plug back in and ensure pump is working.

The pump has a thermal overload safety device. In the event of any overheating of the motor, the thermal overload will engage, automatically switching off the pump. The cooling time is roughly 15 to 20 minutes, after which the pump will automatically re-start. If the thermal overload is tripped, it is essential to identify and deal with the cause of the overheating.

The Pond ECO Plus RC Pump range is extremely reliable in operation which is why SuperFish offer a 2-year warranty with 48-hour on-site Pick-up & Replace service. If the pump breaks down, it will be picked up free of charge and replaced by a new unit at the same time. Varipump

Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC 20000 Performance

11000 l/h – 2.5m max head – 64 watt
11900 l/h – 3.0m max head – 72 watt
12800 l/h – 3.4m max head – 80 watt
13700 l/h – 3.8m max head – 88 watt
14600 l/h – 4.2m max head – 97 watt
15500 l/h – 4.6m max head – 105 watt
16400 l/h – 5.0m max head – 113 watt
17300 l/h – 5.3m max head – 122 watt
18200 l/h – 5.7m max head – 131 watt
19500 l/h – 6.0m max head – 150 watt