Superfish Big Pond skimmer

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Free standing skimmer for the removal of surface debris Adjustable Height from 32-59cm / 55-83cm Tiltable base for optimum positioning on sloping pond bases Removeable collection basket for quick and easy maintenance Suitable for pond surfaces up to 40m² Recommended pump size 8,000-16,000LPH (Available separately)

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An essential but often forgotten part of the pond construction is the skimmer, such as the Superfish Big Pond skimmer; however, if you worry that you have missed the opportunity to implement the skimmer into your garden pond, then why not invest in a floating skimmer.

The telescopic riser allows the Superfish skimmer to be used in ponds between 32cm and 83cm depths; the float automatically bridges water level up to a further 10cm. The Superfish pond skimmer is developed to skim or pull off floating debris from the pond’s surface by suction, giving the water a clean and fresh appearance. Once waste reaches the bottom of the pond, it turns into sludge and feeds algae. The pump, which isn’t included, pulls the water and leaves, twigs, pollen and dirt through a plastic mesh strainer basket, which can be rinsed and removed for easy cleaning.

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