Pontec PondoAir Set 1200 LED

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New easy to install concept in pond aeration
Adds essential additional oxygen into the pond
1200lph pump with Venturi principle
Includes filter foam and filter pebble media
Neutral white LED light ring
Looks fabulous at night
Avoids the need to run external air pumps and airline that can look unsightly
The Pontec PondoAir Set 1200 LED offers a very different concept to pond aeration. This complete, easy-to-install pond aeration set reliably supplies oxygen for fish and plants in the pond whilst increasing pond filtration at the same time.

A powerful fountain pump offering flow rates of 1200 litres per hour lies at the heart of the set. The pump draws water through the integral filter foam and filter pebbles; this water is then passed through a Venturi which draws air from the pond surface through a tube which is fitted to an artificial floating lily. The air bubbles up from the base of the pond creating constant aeration for your pond and fish. In addition, this set offers a neutral white LED ring of lights which illuminates the column of bubbles rising to the surface day and night, creating an attractive feature in your pond.

The supplied air hose measures 80cm and although you could extend this, placing the main unit any deeper would impact the amount of air bubbles being produced by the venturi.