NT MEDIKOI JUNIOR STAPLE colour enhancer 3mm 750g

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Medikoi Staple Junior Pellets 3mm 1.75kg

Packed full with quality minerals and vitamins, the Medikoi Staple Junior Pellet is a 3mm pellet for pond fish that can be used day in, day out. The special blend of ingredients, developed by nutritional experts at NT Labs, is designed for easy digestion and assimilation in fish.

Medikoi Staple Junior pellets promote maximum food conversion, thanks to its easy-to-metabolize construction. Each pellet creates minimum waste to ensure that water quality within your pond is kept as clear as possible. The unique blend of vitamins and minerals in Medikoi Staple Junior pellets help to promote healthy growth and development within all of your pond fish.

The complete, everyday diet for all pond fish is to be combined with a feeding program for the best results and can be fed in combination with any other food from the Medikoi range such as Medikoi Health for maximum health and colour results.

Medikoi Staple Junior Pellets are also enriched with Spirulina, a protein-rich component that is highly digestible. The natural colour enhancer used by many koi breeders over the years, has been proven to dramatically promote the intensity and colour definition in your pond fish.

At a Glance:

Size: 3mm pellets

With colour enhance – protein rich Spirulina

High in vitamins and minerals

Maximum food conversion

Creates minimum waste to preserve excelled water quality

Everyday food pellet for pond fish

Should be used in conjunction with a feeding program

Can be combined with Medikoi Health

Easy to administer


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