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Treats: Skin and gill flukes. Treats 18200 litres, 4000 gallons.

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Treats: Skin and gill flukes.

Treats 18200 litres, 4000 gallons.

When to use?
When fish show signs of a fluke infestation, including flicking, gasping, excessive mucus or lethargy, preferably after confirmation of your diagnosis by microscopy.

Flukasol is an easy-to-use, liquid suspension of flubendazole, which targets skin and gill flukes.

How to use?

Test your water quality using NT Labs Test Kits.
Shake the bottle well before use. Mix the appropriate dosage in a clean bucket of pond water, pour evenly over the surface of the pond and leave for 7 days. Switch off UV filtration for 7 days from adding the medication. Aerate the pond well during treatment.
If you feel a repeat dose is necessary, check your diagnosis carefully using microscopic examination and the Diagnosis Tool; a different medication may be more suitable. Allow 7 days after medicating and perform a partial water change before re-treating or treating with another medication.
Always treat when you have time to observe fish and take appropriate action in the unlikely event of a bad reaction.

Do not use at water temperatures above 30°C.
Do not use in hot, humid or thundery weather.
Do not mix medications.

FAQ: How long does KoiCare Flukasol take to work?

The speed at which Flukasol works, as with many other products, depends on multiple factors. Temperature has the greatest effect as the biochemistry that occurs within parasites, including interactions with the medication, are slower in cooler temperatures. The life cycle of an organism can also have an impact. For instance, those with chemically resistant eggs stages, such as those of gill flukes, can require additional doses to completely eradicate. If you only notice minimal improvement after 7 days, check the following:
Are UV sterilisers turned off?
Have chemical filtration media been removed (zeolites, activated carbon etc)?
Has the volume of the pond been calculated correctly?
Has the dosage required been calculated correctly?
Are the water quality conditions optimal?
Is the pond and filter free from detritus?
Is the diagnosis correct?
Is the product within its expiry period, or if opened, has it been opened for less than 6 months?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, proceed with a second dose and re-evaluate after the second dosage period.