OASE FiltoClear 16000

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Max. pond volume 16000 litres (no fish); 8000 ltrs (average fish stock e.g. goldfish); 4000 ltrs (Koi) Integrated 24 watt ultraviolet clarifier (UVC) with inspection window to check bulb operation Automatic self-cleaning of UVC Quartz Sleeve for maximum radiation efficiency Pressurised design means they are ideal for forcing clean, filtered water uphill to a stream or cascade Set up below the pond water surface level is also achievable OASE Clear Water Guarantee thanks to mechanical-biological filtration with modern UVC technology Patented Easy-Clean-Technology helps to complete the cleaning process in minutes Compact design means the pressure filter can be almost completely buried with just the lid visible

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The OASE Filtoclear 16000 is the market-leading pressurised pond filter, designed by German Engineers to achieve guaranteed crystal clear water quality in ponds up to 16,000 Litres (around 3,550 Gallons). The filter contains a built-in 24 watt Ultraviolet Clarifier for tackling suspended algal growth (the cause of pea-green water) and the innovative easy clean pull handle will compress the internal filter foams to squeeze out waste, without the need to open the filter. The Filtoclear 16000 can be buried up to the head section, making this easy to disguise by the pond side or near the top of a cascade.

Filtoclear Filter guaranteed for up to 3 years (2 years standard + 1 year free of charge on request)
Polluted pond water is pumped in to a sealed, pressurised tank for mechanical and biological cleaning.
Unique in-situ filter foam cleaning mechanism with separate rinse outlet means you can clean with pump still running
Pollutant level indicator and water flow-through indicator
Manufactured with high-quality, impact-resistant materials
Recommended minimum hose size 1 1/2 inch
Optional decorative, synthetic stone rock cover will conceal the lid
Recommended Filter Pump: Aquamax Eco 10000 Premium