Boyu pond skimmer. SCL 3500

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Making pond maintenance a much easier task – these pond skimmers will skim your pond surface constantly, removing all kinds of floating debris. This way, dirt can be removed from the pond eco-system before it starts to pollute it. The Skimmer has its own built-in 4200 L/H recirculation pump and is designed to skim a pond surface area of 35 square metres maximum. Skimmer maintenance is simplified thanks to the removable debris collection basket. It features a simple to set up and clean – empty and rinse collection basket, noticeably improved water quality and a clear view into the water due to reduced water nutrients, ideal for preventing ice formation through constant water movement and unit automatically adapts to every water level.
Box Contains

1 x Boyu SCL-3500 Garden Pond Floating Surface Water Skimmer, 4200 L/H Flow Rate


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