Bermuda fish feeder

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Key Features
Easy to Use, Mains powered Fish Feeder
6 Litre capacity with easy to view hopper
Suitable for Medium to Large ponds
For use with 3-10mm Pellets only (not suitable for Flakes or Stick)The Bermuda Pond Fish Feeder is a robust mains powered automatic feeding system that gives you piece of mind that your fish will be fed on time

The feeder sits beside your pond and dispenses pellet food to the water below. The unit can be set to three different speeds (60%, 80% and 100%), varying the distance the food is propelled depending on what setting is used.

The Bermuda Automatic Pond Feeder must be used alongside a Digital Timer (included in box) or a WiFi Controlled Pressure Filter (not included in scope of delivery). When connected to the app or the timer, the food can be dispensed as many times in a day as desired.

The feeder plugs straight into the mains and has a 6 Litre holding capacity.

Dimensions : 37 x 31 x 40cm

Capacity: 6 Litres

Feeding: 1-6 times a day

Power: Mains powered

IMPORTANT -This feeder has to be used with a WiFi controlled pressure filter or a digital timer, without one of these connected, the feeder will dispense all food as soon as it is plugged in.


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